Dirty Suburbs

is a series of full-length, stand-alone romantic comedies about the residents of small-town Illinois.

Keeland Masters... Growing up, he was the boy next door, my older brother’s best friend, the guy who asked me to the prom…and then stood me up. He just vanished into thin air.

Now that he’s back in town, he wants to come over to play. And I’m not talking hopscotch.

But he’s hurt me once, so I’m sticking to my side of the fence no matter how good he looks pushing that lawnmower in all his tanned, toned shirtless glory.


Samantha Trotten… I should have been her first kiss. I should have been her “first time”. Instead, I ended up being the first jerk to break her heart. But a lot of things were outside of my control back then.

I’ve been to hell and back over the past few years. She doesn’t even know the half of it.

Now, I’m back in town and I know I should keep my distance. But now that I’ve laid eyes on Sammie, all I want is a do-over…And I won’t quit until I get it.

He’s my best friend. He’s a player…And now, he wants me in his bed.

Charlie Hartley is the thing that addictions are made of. At least that’s what I’ve heard from the parade of desperate women who’ve gone through his bedroom’s revolving door.

Brash and unapologetic, tattooed and insanely handsome. I’m sure there’s a Charlie Addicts Anonymous meeting taking place somewhere in the great state of Illinois as we speak.

I’ve become really good at keeping him at arm’s length and keeping my silly crush under control. After all, it’s a skill I’ve been perfecting since the first time he stood up to a bully for me back in the 8th grade.

But when he offers to escort me to my 83-year-old grandmother’s wedding, I start seeing him in a new light. Maybe there’s more to him than that smoking hot body and those playful, flirtatious eyes.

Now, we’re growing closer, crossing lines, shattering boundaries. I’ve strutted out of the friend zone and straight into his bed.

But that’s perfectly fine because I’m a tough girl. I can manage a juvenile, little crush. And there’s no chance that a guy like Charlie will start catching feelings for me.

One drunken night of hot sex won’t change our friendship…Will it?

Isla… I’m paying alimony to my idiot ex-husband, my business hardly makes enough to keep the lights on and I’m literally holding my car together with duct tape.

Scratch that, I’m holding my life together with duct tape.

So I won’t go on a date with the mysterious, new-in-town barista who makes my morning soy hazelnut latte just the way I like it.

He’d better stop trying to hypnotize me with those honey eyes and those bulging shoulders that stretch the jersey of his coffee shop uniform, because I have enough on my plate and the last thing I need is yet another liability.

Reuben… The cinnamon-haired yoga chick who orders the soy hazelnut latte every morning won’t give me a shot. She thinks I’m just some college boy with student loans trying to get in her pants.

Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions…

Well, she’s right about one thing. From the moment she first sauntered into this coffee shop with her long legs and her sad eyes, I’ve wanted to toss her onto the polished wooden counter and show her just how much of a man I am. There’s so much more to me than meets the eye.

I’m just trying to make her fall for me before my secrets make it to town.


Annaleigh… My best friend’s handsome, charming brother needs to close a business deal for his law firm and to do that, he needs a fiancee.I should just say ‘no’, but he isn’t the only one in need of a favor. He promises that he can help me land the internship I need to launch my career.It’s strictly business…until he looks at me with those bedroom eyes and he flashes me that panty-melting smile.What the hell have I gotten myself into?


“Dirty Favor” is a novella in the “Dirty Suburbs” series of stand-alone romantic comedies set in small town Illinois. It was first released in large part as “Dirty, Little Proposition” in the “White Ribbon Collection” charity anthology in November 2016. It has since been re-edited and extended.

If you love small town romances with quirky leading ladies and swoon-worthy heroes, then look no further.

Blakely… My roommate found her happily-ever-after in the middle of our lease. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad that she found her prince and they’re shacking up. I swear I am. But I’ve got rent to pay.

So when my cousin offers to hook me up with a nerdy Silicon Valley programmer who spends his days writing code and watching Japanese anime cartoons, it seems like the perfect arrangement, especially for a timid, socially-awkward girl like me. But nobody warned me that said geeky programmer would be performing said boring activities while shirtless and dripping his libido-igniting pheromones all over my new sofa.

A girl like me can’t handle all that charm and charisma in such a small space. Every time he smiles, it feels like I’m on the verge of a medical emergency and these heart palpitations are really starting to worry me.

He can’t stay here. His effortlessly seductive energy is cutting minutes off of my life expectancy.

This living arrangement definitely isn’t going to work.

Nicholas… I’ve got angel investors lined up around the block to fund my next project. Too bad I’m burnt out and lacking inspiration. I spent years working 18-hour days to build technology that will make a mark on the world. But it’s taken a toll on me. I’m desperate for a change of pace.

So when a buddy mentions a low-key opportunity in a lazy little Illinois suburb, I jump on the offer. Now, I’m rooming with sweet, innocent Blakely. She’s got tempting curves, red curls and freckled skin that blushes every time I smile at her.

But the girl is full of secrets…and she’s got dirty, dirty mind.

And now I’ve got a new project; corrupting that shy girl’s curvy little body.

He was the handsome stranger at the bar. I was the jilted bride sobbing into the train of my wedding dress. It was supposed to be one night…Fate had other plans.

“Come up to my room with me…”

The invitation came in a deep, husky voice as I was sobbing into my floral arrangement and consuming all the alcohol during the lowest night of my life. I should have said ‘no’. It was wrong to accept the handsome soldier’s offer. But I was hurting. I wanted those rough hands and those soft lips and that sculpted body on me. To ease the pain.

Just for one night.

I was never supposed to see him again. But two years later, he’s here—in Copper Heights, Illinois—just as tall, rugged and charming as the night we met.

Meanwhile, I’ve got green pea puree in my hair, dark circles around my eyes and I can’t remember the last time I changed out of these yoga pants.

Yup—things are different now. I’m different now. I’m a mother. Overworked, sleep deprived and running on an empty tank. Plus, I have a business to run and I’m determined to prove that I can do it on my own.

But he’s a distraction. He’s staring at me, his dark, compelling eyes raking my rumpled figure like I just stepped off a runway. I must be dreaming because there’s no way he’s attracted to me.

Agreeing to let him work at my daycare is a terrible idea. I’m his boss in the day. But at night, he’s in my bed and he’s calling all the shots.

The charming tower of a man has his secrets and I’ve got mine. I should really keep my distance.

This is going to be a nightmare…so why is he watching me like I’m his dream come true?

Evangeline…I lied, okay? 

My family and friends think that I’m traipsing across Europe dominating one runway after the next and amassing a small fortune. But the truth is I’m in New York City, on stage at the auction, about to sell off my body to the highest bidder just to pay off the outrageous debt that I owe to my modeling agency. I’m only 22 but apparently, I’m already past my prime.

I’m scared and I’m humiliated. Still, I know that one month with a wealthy stranger will solve all my problems. 

But the last person I expect to be placing bids on my (non-existent) virginity is Raphael Silver, my father’s sexy and filthy rich best friend. 

Raphael…I miss the good old days when closing a business deal meant cracking open a bottle of aged scotch with a rich old bastard in the VIP section of an upscale Manhattan strip club. But, this young, trust fund brat wants to take it up a notch. 

That’s how I ended up at this ultra-exclusive sex club, watching idiot billionaires bid at a virginity auction. This place is sleazy, even for me. I’m not the type of man who gets off on ‘paying for play’. Still, I’ll go along with it just to get this new client. 

But the last person I expect to see on that stage in a sparkly little outfit is Evangeline Brooks, my best friend’s way-too-young, way-too-tempting daughter. I can’t help but notice that she’s all grown up but I’ll be damned if I let one of these scumbags get their hands on her.

I’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means buying her for myself.

People assume that my marriage is over.  They’re wrong.

She kicked me out. She changed the locks. She had me served with those damn divorce papers.

But if Grace Monroe-Trotten thinks she’s getting rid of me that easy, she’s mistaken. She doesn’t know the lengths I’d go to for her. I’m not giving up on my wife, on my son, on my marriage.

I’ve changed. And a real man isn’t scared to jump through hoops (wearing ridiculous men’s yoga pants) to prove it.

I may not deserve a second chance but I’m gonna fight like hell to get back in her heart and in her bed. 

Roast the chestnuts. Spike the eggnog. Break out the ugly Christmas sweaters…Shoot me now.

I’ll be home for Christmas. Whether I like it or not. Reyfield, Illinois is the last place I want to be for the Holidays. Yet, here I am, headed that way in a car with my brother-in-law’s drop-dead gorgeous, certifiably insane secretary.

One look at her luscious body in that sexy elf costume and I want to drag her behind the Christmas tree and have my way with her.

One taste of that feisty mouth under the mistletoe and now I’m a goner.

This was supposed to be a quick trip to my hometown to fulfill my family duty during the Holidays but I’ll be damned because with this girl in my arms, it’s starting to feel like a detour toward forever.