Mister Baby Daddy by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

All my life, I’ve been in love with my best friend. All my life I’ve waited for him to notice.
I’m done waiting. I’m moving on with my life…I’m having a baby.

really need to get over Walker Kingston.
My lifelong infatuation with my best friend is sort of embarrassing. The tall, broody hunk of farmer has always been my fierce protector, my constant hero, my knight in flanneled armor.
But to him, I’ve never been more than a friend, the girl he saves from trouble in the middle of the night.
This whole damsel-in-distress thing is getting kind of old. I’m tired of being a burden on Walker. I’m ready to stand on my own feet.
I may never win his love but I’m ready to focus on the other things I want in my life.
And what I want most? A baby.
I’ve practically got one foot inside the sperm bank when the overprotective alpha intercepts my plan. Now he says he will father my child.
Absolutely not.
I’m trying to get over the guy. So letting him be my baby daddy is low-key dysfunctional.
But Walker insists it won’t affect our friendship. Plus, he has all these amazing qualities that make his offer super hard to resist. He’s strong and charming and fine as hell. And he’s the only person I really trust.
Okay. Fine. Grab the specimen cup. Off to the fertility clinic we go.
Except nothing ever goes to plan.
Now I need rescuing–again. And Walker has made it his mission to take care of my every need–again.
And when the ever-grumpy cowboy introduces me to his soft, nurturing side, I’m a goner.
Well, damn. How the hell am I supposed to get over the man now?

Mister Baby Daddy is a steamy, laugh-out-loud, arranged pregnancy, small town romance featuring a growly alpha with a huge savior complex and a strong distaste for turtlenecks. It is set in small town Illinois and is book 3 in the Bad Boys in Love series.
A full-length standalone. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.