I’m so excited to announce that Mister Billions (a small town, fake marriage, enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance…whoa, that was a mouthful!) is coming on May 7th, 2020! I cannot wait for you to meet Cannon and Lexi. Those two are sexy, snarky perfection together.

I’ve been head-over-heels for Cannon since the day I saw this photo on a photography website.

The minute I saw it, the story of a cocky, rebellious, unapologetic, wounded bad boy started to come alive in my head…Oh, and he was filthy rich, too! Haha!

So, while we wait (impatiently!!) for release day, here are 5 reasons to love Cannon Kingston:

  1. He’s a bossy billionaire. And he owns that shit.

“Just because you’ve probably got a million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean you get to boss everyone around.”

Finally, the arrogant jerk glances up. Those scalding caramel irises threaten to melt my kneecaps from right under me. “I’ve got a billion dollars, sweetheart…In fact, more than just one.”

2. He takes care of his own

Cannon is serious when it comes to loyalty. In fact, the story was initially called ‘Love Me Fierce’, then ‘Fierce For You’ to denote just how fiercely loyal Mr. Kingston is. Swoon.

If you betray him, he will make you pay. (Carl and Margot, I’m looking at you). But I’ll tell you a secret…despite his tough exterior, Cannon is a momma’s boy, he’s got a weak spot for his niece and he’d do anything for his brothers, even if he can’t stand them. And his Alexia?…Oh, he’d tear the whole world apart for his Alexia.

Once Cannon claims you, he’ll make sure you’re taken care of…

3. He's snarky as hell (and so is Lexi)

You guys, the banter between these two…

I must be staring, gape-jawed as his muscle-cut torso comes into view. He smirks. “You gonna take those panties off, Stormy, or do I have to do all the work around here?”

I roll my eyes. “For somebody with a boner that borderline looks like a medical emergency, you really do waste a lot of time talking shit.”

Eyes glinting, he growls. “Take. Those. Panties. Off.”

4. He’s a spooner

Cannon loves his cuddles and he won’t be deprived of them!

At three in the morning, I wake up in a strange room, on a massive bed that’s softer than a cloud. I’m nose to nose with a sexy, gorgeous, naked super villain who makes my girlie bits flutter.

And I realize, to my horror, that my heart is fluttering, too. Fuck. This is wrong. This wasn’t part of our agreement. If I allow myself to indulge in his rockhard body and his butter-soft kisses, I’ll only end up hurt.

Mournfully, I untangle my limbs from his and roll to the edge of the mattress. Just as I’m about to swing my feet to the floor and make my great escape, his arm tightens around my belly.

He flings his leg around my waist. His voice is groggy and thick with sleep. “Get your beautiful ass back here, Stormy. I’m a spooner.” And just like that, my hot-off-the-presses decision to run away from this man goes poof! and a second later his light snores and my loud doubts fill my head.

5. He kisses like this...

Shit—Cannon Kingston is actually brave enough to try and kiss me? My eyes go to his lips. They look soft and delicious.

I’m tough. I’m loyal. I’m self-sufficient. But I’m also a woman. And I’ll be honest here—in this moment, there’s nothing I want more than to kiss this man despite everything that’s at stake.

“Might be worth it.” My fingers curl in his collar and I tug him toward me.

He grins, all sexy and lopsided as he leans closer. “Yeah, it might be.”

“Or maybe not,” I taunt, shrugging a shoulder. “I guess there’s only one way to find out.” His big palm cups the back of my head, messing up my hair.

He lowers his face some more. “You’re annoying.”

I hear the laughter in his voice. He plunges his fingers into my hair and yanks my head back.

And then our mouths collide.

Instantly, I’m swept away by the intensity of Cannon’s hold on me. The momentum from the contact has me crashing into the door. It’s a bloodthirsty kiss. There’s no build up, no soft intro, no tender prelude. It’s just lust. Hard, hot and so very possessive. 

Need I say more?

If you’re lovin’ Cannon Kingston as much as I am, make sure to pre-order your copy of Mister Billions for only 99c and get yourself ready for May 7th!

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